General Fund

Donations will be used in the area of greatest need to support worldwide missions.

Missionary Support

Donations will be used to support our primary missionaries, Greg & Donna Haynes.

Mission Team Fund

Sponsor mission team members to help them fulfill God’s call on their lives.

Name of Team Member

Building Fund

Donations will be used to construct and expand orphanages, churches, schools and other building projects around the world.


Sponsor Fish Cages to help create sustainable support for our projects.

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Sponsor an Orphan

Change two lives – yours and theirs!  Sponsorship amounts range from $52 to $155 depending on location.

Sponsorship Amount (includes PayPal fee)
Orphans ID# & Name

NEW!  Text-To-Donate to the General Fund at:


Initial use of Text-To-Donate will send you to a one time sign in process.  Future donations will be as simple as sending a text to 214-305-2070 with the donation amount.  For example:  Sending a text message that reads “150” would immediately donate $150 to the General Fund.  It is quick, safe, simple, and secure!